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  • Tehrani Hotel Yazd

    The 4-star Tehrani Hotel opened in 2002 with 4500 square meters' total area. This hotel is honored to be invited to the 28th International Tourism Fair in Spain and be awarded the FITUR for hospitality and catering which is result of experience and using modern methods of hotel and catering management.

    Tehrani Hotel, Janbaz Street, Abolfazl Square, Yazd, Iran.

    Price Per Night (From):
    2,060,000 IRR
  • Mehr Traditional Hotel Yazd

    Mehr traditional hotel is constructed in historical and brick building known as Zargar house. This building is built at Qajar era and it has been hold the family who named Zargar Yazdi and they were one of the Iranian old merchant in gold and jewelry industry. This hotel is the first and the only hotel that has succeeded to win the honor award from UNESCO and also is the second hotel of Iran who won the quality certification from SGS institute. The hotel’s building which is the first grand traditional hotel in Yazd, is composed 2 yards that include main yard and Narenjestan, a beautiful louver, grand hall, beautiful and active cellar, porch, spectacular rooftop and overlook to historical district of Yazd with unique view and now has been registered to historical monuments of Iran. Mehr traditional hotel with 23 room has ready to welcome tourists. In addition, its central yard as a traditional restaurant offering a kind of Iranian and European food and teahouse, has perfect readiness to holding ceremonies, weddings, birthday, and also various seminars.

    Mehr Traditional Hotel, Lab-e-Khandagh alley, Ghiam St., Yazd, Iran

    Price Per Night (From):
    3,410,000 IRR
  • Royay Ghadim Yazd

    Yazd Royay Ghadim Hotel was built in Qajar dynasty and is more than 200-year old. It's Wonderful Stucco and tall wind tower, remained you of old architecture of Yazd. The hotel with calm and beautiful atmosphere will give dear guests memorable memory.

    2nd Parking, Shahid Kardi Alley, Saslaman Farsi Street, Yazd

    Price Per Night (From):
    2,471,000 IRR
  • Traditional Hotel Yazd

    The beautiful and traditional environment in old context of Yazd
    Yazd Sonati hotel is located in historical context of Yazd city. This residential complex neighbor to Amir Chakhmagh and Yazd traditional mall. It should be explained that hotel is a home of fame family of Rashtian that convert to the hotel after rebuild. From the other attractive of Sonati hotel is the roof of hotel with a view of old context of Yazd.

    Yazd Sonati hotel, At the first of Salman St., Amir Chakhmakh Sq., Yazd, Iran

    Price Per Night (From):
    2,044,000 IRR
  • Arg Hotel Yazd

    Arg hotel, away from the urban bustle, is the one of the 5-star hotel in Yazd. The hotel is located in suburb of Yazd. The hotel has view of Shir Kuh and ready to accommodate dear guests.

    Arg Hotel, next to Mehr Avaran Park, Monajat Blvd. Shahidan Ashraf Blvd., Shahidan Ashraf, Safaeeyeh, Yazd, Iran.

    Price Per Night (From):
    3,560,000 IRR
  • Baran Hotel Yazd

    The hotel was opened in 2015 with 23 rooms and suits near the Baran Mojha-e-Abi (Water Park) in the heart of historic district of Rezvanshahr. The hotel was built in three floors. Because of Leisure facility in Baran's Mojha-e-Abi Park and professional personal , this hotel is popular with tourists.

    Baran Hotel, in front of Rig Mosque, Rezvanshahr, Yazd Province, Iran

    Price Per Night (From):
    1,711,000 IRR
  • Laleh Hotel Yazd

    this text doesn't translate yet.
    Price Per Night (From):
    3,230,000 IRR
  • Adibolmamalek Traditional Hotel

    Adibolmamalek Traditional Hotel with antiquity of more than 200 years
    Adibolmamalek Traditional Hotel is from Qajar Dynasty, which is located in historic district of Yazd. This complex is contained Panj Dari Shah Neshin and also the masterpieces of this complex are Traditional Bath, Sardab, and Pa kaneh.

    Adibolmamalek Traditional Hotel, Lab Khandagh Alley, Ghiyam Street, Yazd, Iran.

    Price Per Night (From):
    2,500,000 IRR
  • Jahangardi Hotel Yazd

    3-star Jahangardi Hotel is one of the most beautiful and high quality Accommodation centers in all Irangardi and Jahangardi (Iran Traveling and Tourism) Hotel Group. This Complex has beautiful and attractive space and it is not far away from Historic districts.

    Jahangardi Hotel, next to the Culture and Islamic Guidance Office, Daneshjoo Boulevard, Emam Hosain Square, Yazd, Iran.

    Price Per Night (From):
    2,686,000 IRR
  • Vali Traditional Hotel Yazd

    Vali traditional Hotel is the only hotel which its building was built in Safavid dynasty with 400-year old. Reflect of panj-dari and se-dari (the five-door and three-door) in the pool in the courtyard is really eye-catching, and also its high Wind catcher and roof shows the old style of Yazd Architecture.

    Vali traditional Hotel, in front of Shazdeh Fazel Bazaar, Emam Khomeini street, yazd, Iran.

    Price Per Night (From):
    2,100,000 IRR