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  • Vozara Apartment Hotel Tehran

    Vozara Apartment Hotel is 3-star hotel with 25 of two bedrooms' apartment and one bedrooms apartments. This complex has studio flat with full facilities and equipment such as café, gym complex and privet parking. The hotel has easy access to all part of city.

    Vozara Apartment Hotel, No. 124, near the Gondi Hospital, Khalid Islambouli St., Tehran, Iran.

    Price Per Night (From):
    6,628,000 IRR
  • Bahar Hotel Tehran

    Not taranslated yet.
    Price Per Night (From):
    2,781,000 IRR
  • Espinas Palace Hotel Tehran

    Star in the Capital
    Espinas Palace Hotel is the third hotel of Espinas Hotels Group, with great view, has full modern equipped hall with for all kind of Parties, ceremonies, exhibitions and conferences. One of the most important features of this unique hotel in addition to its architecture and exceptional view, is various services which offered to dear guests by professional staff.

    Espinas Palace Hotel, Behroud Sq, Saadat abad, Tehran

    Price Per Night (From):
    7,228,000 IRR
  • Parsian Kowsar Hotel Tehran

    Kosar Parsian Hotel is a jewel in heart of Tehran
    This complex is exploited in 1341. After victory of Islamic Revolution in 1357, hotel is ownership to Mostazafan origin and it’s one of the hotels that is member of Parsian international hotels company. The hotel rebuilt in 1377 for the first time and reform into multistage since 1387.

    No. 21, Shahid Molayi St. (The first Street at right side), South of Valieasr sq., Tehran

    Price Per Night (From):
    4,850,000 IRR
  • Tehran Parsian Azadi International Hotel Tehran

    First choice of dignified
    Parsian Azadi Hotel is one of the 5 star hotels in Iran with 475 rooms in various Types, such as Twin and Double rooms, Junior , Royal and unique Presidental suits.The hotel has 26 floors and situated in north area of Tehran with a great look to the mountains. Also The hotel is located in the Tehran finest weather zone , in the center of capital highways . It's not far to Mehrabad Airport but so close to IRIB international conference center (IICC), and Tehran international exhibition . Moreover , there are many banquet , conference and meeting saloons in different sizes , suitable for any types of commercial , diplomatic and public ceremonies or conferences . Parsian Azadi International Hotel is the first choice of seniors .

    persian Azadi Hotel, Evin junction, Chamran highway, Tehran

    Price Per Night (From):
    8,500,000 IRR
  • Parsian Esteghlal Hotel Tehran

    Parsian, symbol of Iranian hospitality
    Parsian Esteghlal five star international hotel (former Hilton) is located in 70000 m2 area, in Tehran Baghshahr district and skirt of Alborz mountain. The hotel not only the biggest hotel in Parsian hotels chain, rather is the best hotel of Islamic Republic of Iran in various respects. It has 552 room, magnificent suits that equipped with all of the welfare and contact facilities, saloons for national and international conferences and family and occupation meetings with various capacity, permanently and seasonal Iranian international luxury restaurants with various menu, several commercial centers and sport facilities and benefit from young and professional personnel in hotel accommodation industry, are The distinction of Parsian Esteghlal hotel with other residence and accommodation centers of Iran.

    Parsian Esteghlal hotel, Valiasr Intersection, Shahid Chamran Highway, Tehran

    Price Per Night (From):
    6,450,000 IRR
  • Howeyzeh Hotel Tehran

    Howeize, symbol of precedence, symbol of service
    Howeize 4 star hotel is located in city center of Tehran. This hotel has 180 single, double and triple room and three and four bedroom family suites. The restaurant of Howeize hotel welcome its guests with kind of European and Iranian foods with the best quality and pleasant flavor. Boarding coffee shop of hotel provide for you pleasant moments with any kind of cold and warm drinks, cakes, ice creams and desserts. The other facilities of hotel is dry and steam sauna, Jacuzzi, laundry, housekeeping services, Wi-Fi, boarding parking with 100 car capacity, handicrafts booth and barber’s shop. 3 conferences saloon of hotel with 35 to 300 person capacity and also separate restaurant for holding seminars, conferences, meetings, classes and academic workshops, provide the suitable platform for managements and intellectuals.

    Taleghani St., Ostad Nejat Allahi St., Tehran

    Price Per Night (From):
    5,337,000 IRR
  • Laleh International Hotel Tehran

    The only 5 star hotel in center of Tehran
    Sepahan Iranian company with cooperation of Pan American Airline are began to build the intercontinental international hotel in 1347, and is exploited in 1350 and it was renamed to Lale international hotel after victory of Islamic Revolution. Sepahan company has various name according to its responsibilities and duties that the current of those is Iran Development Hotels company. After formation Tourism and Cultural Inheritance organization it was renamed to Iran Tourism Development company, due to the extent of work in affairs related to tourism and exist the bridge between government and private part and to exert policy of Tourism and Cultural Inheritance organization and development of tourism manufacture parts and accomplish affairs related to tourism exchanges. One of the activities of Iran Development Tourism company is extension of tourism basis and construct hotel, and now, the complex of Lale international hotels of Tehran, Sarein, Chabahar and Candovan rocky hotel are managed by Iran Development Tourism company. Lale hotel has high important situation in Tehran, due to located in commercial, administrative and governmental center, therefore, it’s being used to residence of foreign merchants, tourism, cultural and political high-ranking officials.

    Lale International hotel, In the corner of Hejab st., Fatemi St., Tehran

    Price Per Night (From):
    6,830,000 IRR
  • Homa Hotel Tehran

    Hospitality is our tradition
    Homa five star hotel of Tehran, is a magnificent tower in city center of Tehran and is located in the north of city’s main street–Valieasr St.- that provide for you possibility of easy access to important economic, political and historical centers, cultural attractions and city’s main roads. Hotel’s design and layout with the most luxurious furniture and equipment from the most exquisite arts, present to you more suitable environment and place for conferences, meetings and ceremonies. We create pleasant environment for your comfort in all of the 173 splendid room and suite of hotel that each one has a view of Alborz mountain, beautiful capital and dreamy garden of hotel. Our fame restaurant is known because of serve the most fresh, pleasant and delicate Iranian and European foods in all seasons. Experience with attendance in each beautiful and magnificent rooms and suites, commercial center, unique sauna and Jacuzzi, experience medicine and restorative massages and splendid restaurant of hotel that gift to you the best tastes. We’re waiting for you in our home.

    Tehran Homa Hotel, Shahid Khodami St., Next to Vanak Sq., Valieasr St.

    Price Per Night (From):
    6,255,000 IRR
  • Talash Hotel Tehran

    This complex is owned by Ministry of Cooperatives Labour and Social Welfare, and is built for providing service to Tehran's Guests. The hotel has easy access to historic district, recreation center and tourist attraction.

    Talash hotel, between Parkway and JamJam, Valiasr Street, Tehran, Iran.

    Price Per Night (From):
    2,115,000 IRR