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  • Vozara Apartment Hotel Tehran

    Vozara Apartment Hotel is 3-star hotel with 25 of two bedrooms' apartment and one bedrooms apartments. This complex has studio flat with full facilities and equipment such as café, gym complex and privet parking. The hotel has easy access to all part of city.

    Vozara Apartment Hotel, No. 124, near the Gondi Hospital, Khalid Islambouli St., Tehran, Iran.

    Price Per Night (From):
    6,628,000 IRR
  • Bahar Hotel Tehran

    Not taranslated yet.
    Price Per Night (From):
    3,350,000 IRR
  • Laleh International Hotel Tehran

    The only 5 star hotel in center of Tehran
    Sepahan Iranian company with cooperation of Pan American Airline are began to build the intercontinental international hotel in 1347, and is exploited in 1350 and it was renamed to Lale international hotel after victory of Islamic Revolution. Sepahan company has various name according to its responsibilities and duties that the current of those is Iran Development Hotels company. After formation Tourism and Cultural Inheritance organization it was renamed to Iran Tourism Development company, due to the extent of work in affairs related to tourism and exist the bridge between government and private part and to exert policy of Tourism and Cultural Inheritance organization and development of tourism manufacture parts and accomplish affairs related to tourism exchanges. One of the activities of Iran Development Tourism company is extension of tourism basis and construct hotel, and now, the complex of Lale international hotels of Tehran, Sarein, Chabahar and Candovan rocky hotel are managed by Iran Development Tourism company. Lale hotel has high important situation in Tehran, due to located in commercial, administrative and governmental center, therefore, it’s being used to residence of foreign merchants, tourism, cultural and political high-ranking officials.

    Lale International hotel, In the corner of Hejab st., Fatemi St., Tehran

    Price Per Night (From):
    6,830,000 IRR
  • Test hotel

    این هتل جهت تست فرآیند رزرو در پنل ایجاد شده است
    Price Per Night (From):
    50,000 IRR
  • Tehran Grand Hotel 1

    Hospitality is our tradition.
    4-star Tehran grand hotel is located in the best commertial district of Tehran, and easy access to highways, subways and recreation centers, and tourism attraction. The hotel has 244 rooms and suites, luxary Hall for wedding ceremony, meating room, restorant, café and 24-hour service and with full facilities is ready to present services to dear guests.

    Tehran grand hotel, motahari Street, valiasr Street.Tehran, Iran.

    Price Per Night (From):
    6,640,000 IRR
  • Ramtin Hotel Tehran

    The luxury hotel in heart of Tehran
    Ramtin hotel with precedence over 40 years old and the best management that succeed to take several praise during years, and it placed in a top hotel group with several reconstruction. Satisfaction of guest in international sites is witness of good and pleasant hotel’s service. Hotel has 2 famous restaurant that its French restaurant, named as Bistango, has special fame in international grade.

    No.2153, adjacent of Sayi park, Valieasr St.

    Price Per Night (From):
    6,856,100 IRR
  • Simorgh Hotel Tehran

    Simorgh hotel, the hotel for your comfort and security in heart of Tehran
    Simorgh hotel receipt the respectable guests in 9 floor with 99 room in two building and has a French restaurant in 9th floor that welcome dear guests with breadth of view of Valieasr street and also with Iranian and European desirable foods. The sport complex of Simorgh hotel in quiet environment make available the almost private environment for dear guests with all of the facilities such as pool, dry and steam sauna, Jacuzzi, cool water pool and gym. The saloons of hotel in various capacities with exotic amphitheater in Tehran, is ready to reception of various ceremonies.

    No. 2141, In the corner of Delbaste Alley, Next to Saee park, Valieasr st. Tehran

    Price Per Night (From):
    6,480,000 IRR
  • Morvarid Hotel Tehran

    Morvarid 3 star hotel host dear guests with 5 decades activity in field of hotel accommodation and with located in city center and accessibility to all of the main roads of Tehran in commercial district of city and with professional personnel.

    No. 26, In front of Yas shopping center, West side of Hafte Tir sq.

    Price Per Night (From):
    2,867,000 IRR
  • Escan Hotel Tehran

    Hotelhaye Khaterye Khosh company with long experiences in tourism and hotel accommodation industry is opened the Skan hotel in Ordibehesht 1387. The construction of the hotel was realized in control of experts and specialists with beauty method and taking advantage of the last standards of hotel accommodation and up to date technology and provide welfare facilities such as restaurant and coffee shop. In addition, decoration and ornamentation, video and audio systems, Wi-Fi and satellite equipment are provided for guest’s welfare and peace.

    No.29, Between Somaye and Enghelab St., Shahid Mosavi St. (former Forsat), Tehran

    Price Per Night (From):
    3,080,000 IRR
  • Aramis Hotel Tehran

    The modern hotel in commercial and tourism district of Tehran
    Aramis commercial botic hotel is in the service of honorable guests with 84 residence unit include magnificent and modern room and suite and with present the best audio, video and temprature control system, TV (IP TV), phone, Wi-Fi, central air conditioner system, the most modern facilities and equipment in magnificent and brilliant restaurant, iranian delicious and various foods, coffee shop and equipped health complex. From the one of hotel’s special service to its customers is payment of taxi service from anywhere of Tehran to the hotel.

    Aramis hotel, No.1752, In the corner of Kian Alley, After Valieasr Sq., Valieasr St. Tehran, Iran

    Price Per Night (From):
    4,414,500 IRR