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  • Price Per Night (From):
    4,208,000 IRR
  • Price Per Night (From):
    2,230,000 IRR
  • Price Per Night (From):
    915,000 IRR
  • Perspolis International Hotel SHiraz

    Persepolis international hotel includes 7 floors and 104 double rooms, suites, Royal suites and also connect rooms and Apartments with facilities such as the newest air conditioner, Wi-Fi, mini bar, TV and satellite.

    Perspolis hotel, betweenHafezie itersection and Gha'em Sq., Azadi blvd., Shiraz

    Price Per Night (From):
    4,710,000 IRR
  • Park Saadi Hotel Shiraz

    Hospitality is our tradition
    Due to the long history of Park Saadi hotel, it is one of the few hotels of Iran, which opened in 1340 and reconstructed compeletly in 1386. This four star hotel is located in a discrit with a very healthy climate (great weather), in front of a Jahan nama garden and just 500 m away from Hafez tomb, Khajuye Kermani tomb, and Quran gate. Due to possession of a yard and a private garden, this hotel is a quiet and suitable environment for the dear guests to stay.

    Park Sa'adi Hotel, Hafez St., Shiraz, Iran

    Price Per Night (From):
    3,200,000 IRR
  • Aryo Barzan Hotel Shiraz

    Rest in the best hotel
    This is an elegant and stylish hotel with the best management and service in suitable situation considering Shiraz historical places and it has 51 rooms (including single rooms, double rooms and one-bedroom suites). The restaurant of Ario barzan hotel welcomes the guests in an intimate environment with various Iranian and European foods and a self-service buffet and also professional personnel. The hotel coffee shop welcomes dear guests in pleasant environment with live music. Ario Gasht office which is located in the hotel, leadser the guests in preparing the ticket and hotel reservation throughout Iran and performing daily tours. Ario barzan club includes billiard, board football, computer games and dart. In addition, conference and seminar saloons proud to receipt privet and governmental organization.

    Aryo Barzan Hotel, Between Maktabi and Davari St. Rudaki St., Shiraz, Iran

    Price Per Night (From):
    3,200,000 IRR
  • Karim khan Hotel Shiraz

    Karim Khan magnificent hotel is composing of classical and modern architecture in the heart of historical Shiraz city that is located near the historical and tourism attractions such as Karim Khan Arg, Pars museum and Zandie complex. The hotel has 51 double room, triple room and suits with exploited of attractive and pleasant design and facilities such as Wi-Fi, boarding room service, safe box, LCD, laundry and private parking, that present to you memorable staying.

    Karim Khan Hotel, Between Davari and Maktabi St., Rudaki St., Karim Khan Zand Blvd. Shiraz, Iran

    Price Per Night (From):
    1,856,000 IRR
  • Setaregan Hotel Shiraz

    Four star hotel in the heart of Shiraz city.
    This hotel is the newest hotel of Shiraz which is located in city center with the best local situation and near to all of the Shiraz tourism attractions. High service with quality and modern facilities and traditional and difference decoration cause to passengers experience a pleasant travel.

    Setaregan Hotel, 21 Alley, intersection of Azadi blvd. and Eram St., Shiraz, Iran

    Price Per Night (From):
    3,594,000 IRR
  • Zandieh Hotel Shiraz

    Luxury experience
    Zandie five star hotel with Iranian traditional architectural style, is in proximity of Zandie complex and is located in center of pilgrimage, tourist attractions and entertainment centers of Shiraz city and has honor that in service of the guests with present standard facilities of 5 star hotel, also the hotel is one of the Shiraz’s top hotel with having facilities such as traditional and classic restaurant, garden restaurant, coffee shop, Lanj Lobby, Wi-Fi and Iranian traditional bath.

    Zandie hotel, Between Hejrat intersection and Shahrdari Sq., Hejrat St. Shiraz, Iran.

    Price Per Night (From):
    3,767,000 IRR
  • Park Hotel Shiraz

    Family and classical hotel with 5000 m2 greenbelt in city center
    Shiraz park hotel is located in city center and it’s near to the Shiraz historical district and Zandie complex. The hotel tries to give the best service to the guests with the boarding coffee shop and greenbelt with old trees and cage of birds in pleasant and family environment. All rooms with greenbelt view and high light bring a memorable travel for respectable guests.

    Park Hotel, Sa'adi st., Zand intersection., Shiraz, Iran

    Price Per Night (From):
    3,224,000 IRR