Tabriz Historic Bazaar Complex is the Largest Roofed Market in the World.

Don’t Miss

Go through the list of many of the most exclusive, exotic, and unique experiences in IRAN. The list introduces outstanding destinations and experiences that you simply should not miss during your trip to IRAN.

Karaftu Cave

Undoubtedly, Karaftu Cave is one of the most attractive ancient Iranians tourist sites. The cave is half natural and half man-made . The man-made section was built using no electric tools and it is fu...

Grand Mosque of Isfahan
The Oldest Congregational Mosque in Iran

The Grand Mosque of Isfahan ( Jame Mosque /Friday Mosque) is a magnificently exquisite building which is comprised of elements from different Islamic eras. Technically and artistically, it is regarded...

Taq Bostan
The Hunting Ground of Persian Emperors

Taq Bostan historical site is located on a hillside of the same name and next to a fountain in the northeastern fringes of the city of Kermanshah . The complex is built in the third century AD and enj...

Cultural Landscape of Maymand
A Historical Village of 3000 Years

Maymand is handmade cliff dwelling which exemplifies one of the primary habitat in Iran. The ancient rock houses date back to at least 2,000 or even 3,000 years ago. The close relations between life a...

Niavaran Palace
Pahlavis' Royal Residence

Niavaran Cultural Historical Complex in the north of Tehran, dates back to Qajar and Pahlavi eras. It is located in a large garden and enjoys the beauty and charm of the amazing architecture, nature a...

Milad Tower
The 6th Tallest Tower in the World

Milad Tower , the sixth-tallest tower and the 17th-tallest freestanding structure in the world, is a multipurpose tower in the Iranian capital Tehran . The telecommunication tower is the symbol of Teh...

A Great Wonder of the Ancient World

Persepolis (also known as Takht-e Jamshid , Parse , Parse Polis ) was the capital of the Achaemenid Empire. It is a large complex where includes palaces, gates, kings’ mausoleums, reliefs, glorious st...

Cypress of Abarkuh
The World 's Oldest Cypress

Cypress of Abarkuh , in Yazd desert, is a popular symbol of “life and beauty” and one of the wonders across the world. The 4,500 year-old cypress is Iran's oldest living organism and the second oldest...

Constitutional House
The Headquarters of Constitutional Revolution

The Constitutional House is one of the most famous historical residences and was the venue to critical decision makings by constitutional leaders at the climax of constitutional revolution . The build...

Clouds Forest (Abr Forest)
A Place to Stand above the Clouds

Shahroud's Abr (Clouds) Forest, one of the beautiful natural landscapes, the oldest and most beautiful part of Hyrcanian forest which is the remnants of the geological 3rd period. Abr Forest is locate...
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