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About Yazd

Yazd is located in a vast and dry valley which surrounded by Shirkoh and Kharanegh mountains on the sideline of the Lut Desert plains with the altitude of 1230 meters above the sea level.

Yazd enjoys so cold and partly humid climate in winter and warm and dry summer. It is the first adobe, second historical city in the world which is famous for structure of windwards, riding bicycles, sweets, and aqueduct.

Yazd is one of the most visitable places if you like to learn about by ancient hydraulic structures, mills, climate-oriented architecture and historical symbols, you should put Yazd in your list to visit.

The economy of this city depends on handicrafts such as Termeh, pottery and ceramic, tiles, carpets, Kilim and Zilu, sweets, and larger industries like steel foundry, cable and optical fiber factory, mosaic industry and large mines. Jewelry in Yazd is one of the most famous industries in Iran which is easily compared to hand made jewelry Italy.


Museum of Water

"Water Museum" in the city of Yazd is one of the most valuable architectural monuments and currently the world's most unique water museum . The museum and monument features are in five floors with can...

Global Yazd

In the heart of the central desert in Iran, beside a branch of Silk Road , lies the historic city of Yazd ; A labyrinth of narrow alleys among age-long houses, of adobe and mud bricks, popular for win...

Yazd Zoroastrian Fire Temple
The Oldest Surviving Zoroastrian Fire

Bahram F ire Temple Or Vararam Fire Temple in Yazd is one of the premises of the Zoroastrians, consists of buildings and tree-lined garden and has been built in recent centuries. The building construc...

Kabir Grand Mosque of Yazd
Built in 100 Years, Lasted 900 Years

Kabir Grand Mosque of Yazd , is a treasury of Islamic art and architectural designs. Its primary building was founded by “Aala al-Doleh Kalijar" on top of an ancient fire temple, 900 years ago. The cu...

Amir Chakhmaq Complex

The Amir Chakhmaq Complex, one of the most significant historical places in Yazd , is located in the historical part of the city. Located in a strategic place in Yazd, the valuable complex is composed...

Aghazadeh Mansion

The Aghazadeh Mansion , the most beautiful historical house of Abarkouh, belonged to Seyed Hossein Abarquei, a rich man of Qajar era. Located in the historical part of the city, the mansion is notewor...
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