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200 Year Old Capital City
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About Tehran

Tehran, capital of Iran, is located on the south hillside of the Alborz Mountain Range with the altitude of 900 to 1800 meters above the sea level. Tehran is bordered with mountains from the north and bordered with desert from the south. Such geographical location gave it a diverse climate which is different from south to north of Tehran. North of Tehran enjoys a cold and dry weather and the south of Tehran enjoys a warm and dry climate.

Azadi Tower used to be the symbol of the city until Milad Tower was built. They both are highly valued and represent the traditional and modern architecture in the capital city.

Tehran as the capital of Iran is as populous and busy as London and is one the major metropolitans the world. Tehran is the center of all Iranian affairs, from government and politics to culture and history which explain the reason behind the immigration and population in this city. The structure of this city on the hillside of Alborz Mountain and being close to Damavand, the highest volcanic peak of Iran, are the reason of unique attraction and views of Tehran.

Language of Tehran residents is Persian (Farsi).


Iran National Museum

Iran National Museum is the most important museum in Iran to showcase archaeological result of researches ordered and sponsored by Reza Shah under supervision of Andre Godarda French archeologist. The...

A Masterpiece by Arnaldo Pomodoro

After a nice walk, even in a sunny afternoon, through the cool breeze of tall trees in " Laleh Park " one could arrive at Tehran Museum of Contemporary Arts , TMoCA. Upon arrival, before entering the...

Tajrish and the Bazaar

Surrounding Tajrish, one of the oldest neighbourhoods in Shemiran in the north of Tehran, a fusion of traditional and modern Iranian lifestyle has created quite a unique vicinity, wherein, however hig...

Passage Parvaneh
Jomeh Bazaar

“Passage Parvaneh”, literally translates to “ Butterfly Market ”, located in Jomhouri Street in Tehran, is home to one of the Old Iranian markets, “ Jomeh Bazar ”. During the week the market lives a b...

Niavaran Palace
Pahlavis' Royal Residence

Niavaran Cultural Historical Complex in the north of Tehran, dates back to Qajar and Pahlavi eras. It is located in a large garden and enjoys the beauty and charm of the amazing architecture, nature a...

Shah Abdol-Azim Shrine

The Shah Abdol-Azim 's Shrine like all the other major shrines started with a main building, and later other buildings were constructed and linked to the main building. The current complex consisted o...

National Garden Entrance Gateway
Former Symbol of Tehran

National Garden Entrance Gateway ( Sardar-e-Bagh-e-Melli ) is a magnificent brick gate, decorated with colorful tiles and multiple inscriptions. It is one of ancient symbols of Tehran and had been bui...

Milad Tower
The 6th Tallest Tower in the World

Milad Tower , the sixth-tallest tower and the 17th-tallest freestanding structure in the world, is a multipurpose tower in the Iranian capital Tehran . The telecommunication tower is the symbol of Teh...

Golestan Palace
One of the Oldest Palaces in Tehran

Golestan Palace is one of the significant historical complexes of Iran which was built for various function in various timing. The title of the palace is taken from Golestan Hall, located in exterior...

Holy Shrine of Imamzade Saleh (PBUH)
Beautiful Religious Site in Tehran

Imamzadeh Saleh’ s mausoleum in Iran is located at Tajrish Square in Tehran 's northern Shemiran district. The shrine of of Imamzadeh Saleh, the son of Musa al-Kadhiem, entombs him. The shrine dates b...

Azadi Tower
A Symbol of Tehran

Azadi Tower (Borj-e Azadi) is a symbol of Tehran. Before Milad Tower it was the tallest symbolic tower in the capital city. Located on the site of Azadi Square, the tower was designed by Hossein Amana...
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