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Prominent Political City of Iran
  • Country
  • Province
    East Azarbayjan
  • Population
  • Area
    2,167 km²
  • Elevation

About Tabriz

Tabriz is one of the oldest and largest cities in Iran. Located on the hillside of the Sahand Mountain, the city is bordered by mountains from north, south and east and also flat lands and Talkhe River from the west. With the altitude of 1400 meters above the sea level, it has a spectacular view of the hills. The weather is quite cold in winter and it became moderately warm and dry during summer time. Tabriz is a populous city in East Azerbaijan Province of Iran and the largest city in the northwestern of the country.

Arg-e Tabriz is the symbol of this city. It is the remnants of a large unfinished mausoleum which dates back to the 14th century and was repurposed in the 19th century to be reconstructed as a military castle and barrack in city center of Tabriz.

Tabriz linked the west to the east along the Silk Road and served as a commercial, industrial, economical and cultural center in Iran. The certain geographical location of the city is the reason why it has always been the center of major investors’ attention.

Tabriz is the second industrial city after Tehran and industry development is the reason of many immigration to this city.

Tabriz is an administrative, trading, political, industrial, cultural and military center of East Azerbaijan Province. Tabriz is one of the leading cities in arts and handicrafts, handwoven carpets. The Tabrizi carpets designs enjoy global fame and the carpets are of high quality. They are popular for export and are considered a main sources of foreign exchange of Iran. If you are planning to go to Tabriz make sure you visit the Tabriz Bazaar and Carpet Bazaar of Tabriz. The silk carpets are very valuable but light in weight.

Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) has appointed Tabriz as "the Tourism Capital of Islamic Countries in 2018". OIC aims to promote Islamic tourism through hotels, resorts, cuisines, entertainment and sports facilities in various Islamic cities as the Islamic capital city per year.

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