Qeshm Island

Qeshm Island

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    1,491 km²
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About Qeshm Island

Qeshm Island is located in Persian Gulf at the height of 6 meters above the sea level and is bordered with Bandar Abbas up north, Hormoz Island from the northeast, the Lark Island from the east and the Hengam Island from the south and greater and lesser Tunbs and Abu Musa from the south west. Qeshm is located in warm and arid lands with high relative humidity.

Qeshm is the second largest island of Persian Gulf after Bahrain and the largest independent island in the world with a strategic location. The significant strategic location of it as the main center of developing the commerce and industry of the free zone.

Qeshm Island has the largest coastal line among the Persian Gulf islands. Rocky, sandy and mud shores and mangrove forest present the Qeshm coastal diversity. Turtles, dolphins and other species of the animal’s habitat are very popular among tourists. There is the only crocodile breeding farm in this beautiful island.

People of Qeshm speak Persian (Farsi) with Bandari dialect originally .The local language of Qeshm is a combine of Arabic, Persian (Farsi), Bandari, Hindi and English.


Chahkouh Canyon
Nature's Dazzling Attraction

The amazing Chahkouh Canyon is home to a landscape of beautiful spires carved away by erosion to the depth of 100 meters. The cross shape valley is one of the most important tourist destination of Qes...
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