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About Masuleh

Masuleh is located 55 kilometers from Rasht in the mountainous and sylvan area, on the rocky slopes with the height of 1050 meters above the sea level. The climate of Masuleh is moderate and humid in summer and cold and humid in winter.

Pleasant climate and nature in four seasons of the year are the most important environmental factors of Masuleh region.The difference between the highest point and the lowest point in Masouleh is about 100 meters which created the unique sight by Masuleh architecture.

In Masouleh rooftop of a house is the front yard of another. Such interconnected architecture and unique layout attract many tourists. You will remember the amazing scenery of Masouleh for years. Exciting natural attractions add extra value to Masouleh, the jewel of mountains and forests. Masouleh enjoys mountainous weather and its morning fog helps you to shake off the fatigue of modern life.

Shah Moalem Mountaintop in Masuleh with the height of 3050 meters is the highest point of Gilan Province and an interesting target for mountaineering groups and tourists.

Currently the economy of Masuleh depends on Tourism industry. The people who live in Masuleh speak in Taleshi dialect with Masulehi accent.

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