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About Kashan

Kashan is located in north of Isfahan Province between the hillsides of Karkas Mountain in Natanz and Kavir Desert. The north and the west of Kashan is surrounded by Kavir Desert and it enjoys a warm and desert climate.

As a religious city Kashan is known as Darolmomenin (House of Faithful People), the City of Scorpions and Desert Gate. One of the most magnificence and glorious historical places is Fin garden in this city.

Kashan has been an outstanding location for being connected to road network of Iran. This city is one of the industry poles of country for machine woven carpet industry and varied industries like Porcelain and melamine, spinning and industrial tools. Kashan textile industry includes velvet weaving, brocade and silk weaving.

Kashan is also known for Rosewater, handwoven carpets and heritages making tourism one of Kashan’s main economic fields. Agriculture is common there too.


The ancient civilization of Sialk

Hundred years back no one knew about the ancient structure hidden under a hill, 3 kilometres towards southwest of Kashan , which was later thought to be the remainder of the oldest human civilization...

Borujerdis' Historical House

Boroujerdis ’ Historical House is one of the aristocratic houses dating back to Qajar era. Haj Seyed Hassan Natanzi a famous merchant of Kashan commissioned building the house. The building generally...

Crimson Red Clay Village of Abyaneh

One of the most exceptional villages of Iran with a magnificent scenery and mild climate, Abyaneh Village , located in the northern heights of Barzrood River, features historical houses – all delightf...

Agha Bozorg School and Mosque

The Agha Bozorg School and Mosque are one of the most magnificent mosques belonging to Qajar era. Between the years 1831-1841, Haj Mohammad Taqi Khanban put up significant personal capital for constru...

Tabatabaei Historical House

Tabatabaei’ Historical House is one of the aristocratic houses which is a symbol of significant Persian architecture. The beauty of the building gave it the title of “Bride of Houses. Build in early 1...
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