Isfahan, "Half of the World"


"Half of the World"
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About Isfahan

Isfahan (Esfahan) is one of the major metropolitan cities in Iran which despite being surrounded by regions with desert climate from the east and mountainous region of Zagros range from the west, enjoys an amazing weather.

Located more than 400 kilometers from Tehran, capital of Iran, Isfahan is the third largest city in Iran after Tehran and Mashhad. 

Isfahan is home to many historical sites, museums and being a capital city back in late 16th century, there are many palaces and political heritages to this city. The Persian-Islamic architecture of the city is globally recognized and it is perfected in Isfahan.

Isfahan is home to many valuable archaeological centers and is famously known to be the heart of Persian arts, economy, science, industry, commerce and tourism.

Being a strategic axis on the way of Silk Road, it inherited is heritage of ancient art, commerce and industries from thousands of years of international traffic. Iron and steel foundry, automotive, military, aircraft and installations, refinery, polyacryl, and many factories such as ceramic, tile making, stone, mine and stone cutting, textile, etc shape the industries of the city.

Handicrafts are considered as lighter industries but are taken very seriously in Isfahan and carries a great part of the province's economy; they are also very popular among tourist.

Isfahan has always been home to people of different religions such as Islam, Christianity, Judaism and Zoroastrian.

If you know a little Persian (Farsi) listen carefully to Isfahanis’ accent when they speak. Their accent is distinct in Iran for its unique intonation.

Having said all of that, it makes sense why Persians have a proverb to describe Isfahan reading: "Esfahān nesf-e- jahan ast" translating: Isfahan is half of the world.


Menar Jonban
Shaking Minarets

Menar Jonban is one of the wonders of architecture in Iran and the world. The structure is about 700 years old. The brick minaret shakes with little pressure and when one of the minarets is shaken, th...


In order to enter the “ Royal Precinct of Naqsh-e-Jahan ” through the “ Supreme Gate ” or “ Ali-Qapu ”, one would bow down in the honour of the great Safavid King. Ali Qapu, which literally translates...

Grand Mosque of Isfahan
The Oldest Congregational Mosque in Iran

The Grand Mosque of Isfahan ( Jame Mosque /Friday Mosque) is a magnificently exquisite building which is comprised of elements from different Islamic eras. Technically and artistically, it is regarded...

Vank Cathedral
Home to Unique Illuminated Murals

Vank Cathedral (in Armenian Surb Amenaprkich Vank) is the largest and most beautiful cathedral in Isfahan ’s Julfa . As one of the historical Armenian cathedrals, the cathedral hosts thousands of tour...

Hasht Behesht
Even Higher than Seventh Heaven

The Hasht Behesht (literally translated Eight Heavens) is a historic mansion and one of the last residences of the Safavid Kings’. The Mansion was one of the most significant building in the world. Lo...

Naqsh-e Jahan Square
A Structure that Reflect an Image of the World

Historical square of Naqsh-e Jahan (literally translating "Image of the World Square”) is one of the largest, most beautiful and magnificent squares in the world. It was built in a garden named Naqsh-...

Chehel Sotoun
Forty Columns to Reflect Beauty of Persian Architecture

Chehel Sotoun‎‎ (literally translated: Forty Columns) is a palace in the middle of 67000 square-meter garden of Jahan-Nama at the far end of a long pool, in Isfahan. The palace was built by the order...
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