Hamedan, Capital of 7 Empires


Capital of 7 Empires
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About Hamedan

Hamedan (Hamadan) is a mountainous city with the altitude of 1800 meters above the sea level which is located on the hillside of Alvand Mountain. The city enjoys of a moderate climate in summer and cold and snowy climate in winter.

Hamedan is known as the 6th historical and cultural city and tourist destination in Iran. Avicenna mausoleum and museum is the symbol of this city. The central square of Hamedan, designed by German architect Carl Frisch, is still a main connecting point in Hamadan after a century.

Hamedan also known as "Ecbatana" and "Hegmataneh" was the capital city of six empires and dynasties. Today's Hamedan was the capital city of the Medes. The Achaemenid Empire, Seleucid Empire Parthian Empire, and Sassanids Empire picked Hamedan as their summer capital and residence of the authorities. Seljuks Empire chose the royal city as their political residence and returned the central capital to Hamedan in the 11th century. At the time Zand Dynasty Hamedan was the capital for a few months.

The economy of the city is highly depended on tourism industry and meets the needs of tourism industry by using historical and ancient, religious and natural centers as well as presenting handicrafts such as pottery and ceramic, leather, carpet, Kilim, Jajim.

People who live in Hamedan speak in Pahlavi Persian (Farsi Pahlavi) in Hamedani dialect also people speak in Turki, Kurdi and Luri dialects.


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