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About Bushehr

Bushehr Port is located in the center of Bushehr Province with the altitude of 18 meters above sea level in Persian Gulf coastal area. It is surrounded by Persian Gulf in north, west and south. The city enjoys warm and humid climate but it has a pleasant climate in cold seasons.

Sunny beaches are the spectacular views of this city which is a mixture of warm colors with different shades of yellowish brown and red. Ancient architecture of this city is registered on the national monuments list.

Bushehr Port is one of the most important industrial areas and economical centers of Iran. Having borders from three sides with the Persian Gulf, commerce, import and export, shipbuilding and petrochemicals industries as well as Bushehr nuclear power plant form the main industries of the province and led to massive labor immigration to this city.

If you plan to go Bushehr, make sure to taste the dates in the city. Palms and dates are the first things you may see in the city. Don’t forget to try the local fish market and if you have time try fishing for solitude.

Bushehr was the first places which had lithography back in the old days. The city was a pioneer in launching electricity and ice making industries and also the people who lived in there were the first one became familiar with publications and journals.

The first commercial companies and consulate’s of foreign countries such as Britain, Germany, Russia and Ottoman Empire were established.


Bushehr, Witness of Historical Evolutions in Iran

Bushehr Historical area is located in the north of Bushehr triangle-shaped peninsula. It is located in the triangle vertex and has a dent in the Persian Gulf ; it is consisted of four neighborhoods na...
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