Sheikh Safi al-Din Mosque


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About Ardabil

The city of Ardabil is located in the southwest of the Caspian Sea among a great plain in the hillside of Sabalan Mountain which is one of the most spectacular foothills in the world. Ardabil altitude is about 1350 meters above the sea level and is located in a distance of 40 kilometers from the border of Republic of Azerbaijan.

The highland of Ardabil enjoys a moderate and chill climate in spring and summer. Don’t forget a light cardigan even if you’re traveling in August.

Ardabil is also a popular destination among medical and wellness tourists. Hot springs and sulfur springs mineral spas are attractions of this beautiful city.

Ardabil plays a significant role In politics, industries, commercial, history and nature of this province. Most of the people who live in this city are active in

Agriculture and animal husbandry is the main industry of the city and the nomadic population of the region contribute largely in dairy and handicraft productions. The handicrafts of this city include Kilim, Jajim, shawl weaving, pottery, and leather products.

Turkish community forms the major ethnic community of the city. If you a little bit Istanbuli Turkish, it can come handy in Ardabil. Tat, Taleshi and Kurdish ethnicity live in this area. Most of People speak Turkish in Azari dialect.


Sheikh Safi al-din Khanegah & Shrine Ensemble

Sheikh Safi Al-Din Ardabili Mausoleum (famous poet and mystic) is the largest and richly ornamented Khanegah (Khaneghah) that was constructed by employment of traditional Iranian architecture and insp...
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