• Best time to go
    spring, summer and early autumn

The Soubatan summer-resort is one of the prettiest regions in Iran which enjoys mountainous nature and pleasant climate. Gilan is the most humid province in Iran; based on the climatic condition and its temperature, Gilan is rarely below zero, but some lumps of snow are also visible on the Soubatan heights (1900 to 2500 meters above the sea level) during the summer.

The residents of this region live in Soubatan only in spring, summer and a part of autumn and they migrate to the forests of Alborz hillsides and Caspian Sea shore (Lisar) at the end of autumn and just 3 families remain in the Huni Yesh summer region.

Despite of the changes in the traditional structure in central Soubatan, herders and nomad live in the surrounding villages of Soubatan living in style of indigenous culture in tents and thatched houses. Varzan waterfall, Mahar waterfall, Neor beautiful lake, Sari dash –Hacha dash-Majma dash districts, natural park and forest park, archeological area of Ganjkhane cave, traditional market, exhibition of tribal people, Batman-Bolagh spring in centeral Soubatan and Asbumar , stone pits in the west of Kandiket, horse riding land that is partly even area which overlook on the Soubatan near to the Bideh Posht, and the main source of Salsal aqueduct which flows up to the Salsal castle in Lisar, the beautiful and tourism destinations Soubatan.

There is no residential center in Soubatan and most of the residents of this region welcome the travelers in their houses.

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