Pasargadae, Oldest Residences of Achaemenid Empires

Oldest Residences of Achaemenid Empires


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The ancient site of Pasargadae complex is a series of massive structures remaining from the first capital of the Achaemenid Empire (the 6th century BC) in Iran, located in the valley of the river Polvar. It was founded by order of Cyrus the Great in the area.

The complex belongs to three periods historically: Prehistoric monuments and pre-Achaemenid era; site of Achaemenid era which include a private palace of Cyrus, the reception hall or Cyrus Public Hall, Entrance palace with human winged reliefs, stone platform of Soleyman's mother (Defensive structure of Tal-Takht), Pasargadae kingdom garden,  palace, stone basins, ruins of stone tower , a prison, fortress of Pasargadae, Pasargadae temple and sacred ground,  Cyrus mausoleum (the most prominent part of the site).

The monuments of post-Islam era include: Atabakan mosque, inscriptions and carved altar in the Cyrus mausoleum, an Islamic building of Mozaffari School or inn in 100 meters north of Cyrus mausoleum. Bolaghi Gorge and the unfinished Pasargadae museum are the other parts of this complex too.

Pasargadae ancient complex made by materials such as stone, brick, adobe and wood, the first stage of development of architecture, sculpture, painting and simulate arts in the Achaemenid era are considered as a model for Persepolis and exceptional testimony of Iranian civilization.

3rd km of Shirzaz-Abadeh Road, 70 km North of Persepolis, Pasargadae County, Fars Province



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