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IRAN with 21 cultural heritage sites is one of the 10 countries with the most Cultural Heritage Sites in the U...

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Chaharshanbe Suri (Firework Wednesday) is an Iranian festival celebrated on the eve of the last Wednesday of the Iranian calendar before Nowruz.
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FourSeasons Iran

Iran is famous for its four-season weather. It is considered as one of few countries in the world where visito...

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Go through the list of many of the most exclusive, exotic, and unique experiences in IRAN. The list introduces...

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Street-food in Tehran

Street food in Tehran

Tehran is home to various kinds of food and drinks; it’s the place to try traditional Persian food such as “Kebab” and “Dizi” but you can find great Italian, Turkish, Chinese and Indian dishes as well.


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Tiling, Symbol of Ornamental Elements in Iran

Tiling, Symbol of Ornamental Elements in Iran

Tiling is considered as one of the important symbols and prominent ornamental elements in Iranian architecture, and one of the old crafts of this land which previously was mainly carried out using glazed bricks for building strength and building facets; however, gradually became usefully applicable for appearance and facade of the buildings.



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